Q. What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Warrant?

A. Planning Permission is only concerned with external changes to your property. It is not always needed for small works, even small extensions, depending on a number of factors. A Building Warrant is normally always required if you intend to erect, alter, extend, demolish or change the use of any part of your home. The information required for a Building Warrant is much more complex; U-value calculations, structural information, fire resistance, accessibilty standards, construction specification, drainage specification, electrical layouts, sound insulation, condensation risk analysis…. and more. Not all of these will be required for each project.

Q. Do I need to deal with Building Control or Planning during the application process?

A. Generally not, I would deal with their queries on your behalf.

Q. Do I need to pay an engineer separately?

A. Yes, although not all projects will require a structural engineers work, most will.

Q. When is Listed Building consent required?

A. If your home is Listed, then generally you would need Listed Building consent for any internal or external changes to your property. 

Q. My home is Listed and/or I live in a Conservation Area, does this mean I can’t make any changes?

A. Not at all, however it just might mean that it is trickier to make changes. I have plenty of experience with successful applications in challenging situations.

Let me know if you think of any further questions that you would like to see answers for.